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Puppet is a Human too

8th International Festival of Puppet Theatres and Movie Animations for Adults


Puppet is a Human too – where did the idea come from?

Constantly from many years, we are coming to explaining that the art of animation such as theatre of puppets is one of the art languages itself.

  • It's not a mirror nor infantile introduction to "real theatre" or movie
  • It's not a dictactic method
  • It's not a pedagogical way for "our beloved"
  • It's not a way of imitating anything

Of course it can be all of it. We would like to convince you that there are various languages of art and many creative spaces which are worth to explore. To laugh at them, to be touched by them, breathe by them and negate them only if aware of that.

We would like to invite and present you the movies and spectacles which use the art of animation from classics to experiments. The "Puppet Is A Human Too" Festival is a competition in which a international Jury grants following awards: to the Best Actor / Actress, for Creativity, for the Best Performance of the Festival and many others.

Free admissions reservations starts on October 1.


This year, due to much modest schedule, we had to change the terms of booking the admissions.

  • in order to make a reservation please send an e-mail with performance's title, your first and last name and number of admissions you would like to get to rezerwacje@lalkatezczlowiek.eu and wait for a confirmation e-mail response.
  • one person can book at most 2 admissions - one for two performances or two for one performance.
  • you can collect your admissions an hour before the performance but not later than half an hour before. We recommend you not to wait until last minutes.
  • a half an hour before the performance the booking list is being erased and all remaining admissions are being handed to people, who haven't made reservations (according to their position in the line).
  • please book wisely as there's no possibility to make further changes in reservations.