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8th International Festival of Puppet Theatres and Movie Animations for Adults




Urashima Taro

Rouge28 Theatre, United Kingdom
Urashima Taro - photo 1
Urashima Taro - photo 2
Urashima Taro - photo 2

direction Paul Piris stage design Phil Newman lights Nao Nagai

A story of a poor fisherman being seduced by mysterious turtle-woman. She offers him a life full of pleasure in her palace deep in the ocean but in exchange she forces him to abandon his home and duties. Rouge28 Theatre explores important topics like: power, seduction and death. Story is being told with specific underlying sense of humour. Narration is based on a traditional japanese myth enriched by experiences of Western modernity. Actress Aya Nakamura on stage is accompanied by human-size puppets. She is simultaneousely actress and puppeter, manipulator and manupulated. „Urashima Taro" fuses traditional japanese Bunraku-style puppetry with acting, shadow puppetry and Kamishibai – a form of paper theatre which can be seen as the origin of Manga.

Monday, October 7, 8:00 p.m.


Malabar Hotel Theatre, Poland
Bacon - photo 1
Bacon - photo 2
Bacon - photo 2

direction Marcin Bartnikowski stage design and puppets Marcin Bikowski music Anna Świętochowska cast Marcin Bikowski

"Bacon" is a show depicting the life and work of one of the most famous contemporary painters – Francis Bacon. The Malabar Hotel Theatre is trying to reconstruct his inner life – his fears, desires and memories through the prism of his art works. As a literary material Malabar used excerpts from William Shakespeare's and T. S. Elliots's works enriched by new, original text. The show as a whole creates an intriguing literary-artistic collage which penetrates Bacon's biography and art.

Tuesday, October 8, 8:00 p.m.


Agrupación Señor Serrano, Spain
Catastrophe - photo 1
Catastrophe - photo 2

direction Àlex Serrano

Four performers, eleven models and hundreds of gummy bears create the world of Catastrophe: a tale about modern failure marked civilization. Gummy bears suffer earthquakes, oil spills, wars and extermination. Around the stage, three large screens immerse the audience in world of chaos, game and destruction. Catastrophe questions the difference between a natural catastrophe, a 'natural’ catastrophe caused by man and a human catastrophe. Agrupación Señor Serrano mixes theatre, performance, dance, video and interactive technologies.

Wednesday, October 9, 8:00 p.m.

Pulcinella di Mare

Gaspare Nasuto, Italy
Pulcinella di Mare - photo 1
Pulcinella di Mare - photo 2

direction Gaspare Nasuto

Pulcinella is a classical character that originated in the commedia dell'arte and became a stock character in Neapolitan puppetry. His name is derived from italian pulcino which means a chick and refers to his characteristic feature: long beaklike nose. Gaspare Nasuto, puppeter and sculptor, is considered as one of the masters of neapolitan puppet tradition specialized in Guaratelle - an ancient kind of puppet used as a glove created in Naples around 16th century. The peculiarity of the performance is the voice of Pulcinella obtained with Pivetta – instrument hold by the puppeteer under his costume.

Thursday, October 10, 5:00 p.m.

Grandfather / Dziadek

Walny-Teatr, Poland
Dziadek - photo 1
Dziadek - photo 2

direction Adam Walny stage design Adam Walny music Jacek Zięba

"Grandfather" is a show based on the recollections of director's grandfather in which the joy of life's simple tasks is intertwined with the difficult experiences: illness, death of loved ones, etc. The show is a flashback, it starts with grandfather's funeral and ends on the day of the birth of his Grandson. Friendship and mutual relations beetween Grandfather and Grandson is central to the dramatic plot. In show following means of expression are being used: puppets and tricky objects changing their meaning in front of the audience.

Thursday, October 10, 8:00 p.m.

Balladynas and Romances

PINOKIO Theatre, Poland
Balladynas and Romances - photo 1
Balladynas and Romances - photo 2
Balladynas and Romances - photo 1

direction Konrad Dworakowski stage design Marika Wojciechowska music Piotr Klimek

"Balladynas and romances" is a performance based on nominated for the NIKE Literary Award (2011) and the awardwinning (Paszport Polityki 2010) Ignacy Karpowicz's novel. The clash of the gods or rather pop culture idols and humans reveals some general remarks on the human condition. Karpowicz's subjective vision in this performance acquires new dimension. The show was realized within Bruno Schultz's Scene of Imagination.

Friday, October 11, 8:00 p.m.

Clown's Houses

Merlin Puppet Theatre, Greece
Clown's Houses - photo 1
Clown's Houses - photo 2
Clown's Houses - photo 3

direction Dimitris Stamou puppets Dimitris Stamou, Demy Papada stage design Dimitris Stamou

Action of "Clown's houses" is set in one building in five apartments belonging to six characters. The spectator is watching them live their conventional lives in a dark, claustrophobic setting, with their fears, obsessions and loneliness. Merlin Puppet Theatre doesn't attempt to do existential analysis through their work. Through the dark rooms of "Clown's houses" the loneliness of the modern man is displayed. "Clowns' houses" offers a combination of different puppetry techniques such as marionettes, object and shadow theatre.

Saturday, October 12, 5:00 p.m.

Movie animation


Consuming Spirits

Chris Sullivan, USA
Consuming Spirits - photo 1
Consuming Spirits - photo 2
Consuming Spirits - photo 3

direction Chris Sullivan, 2012 (130 min.)

An Independent feature animation, chronicling the lives of three characters who live in a town called Magguson and work at its local newspaper "The Daily Suggester". Gentian Violet, Victor Blue and Earl Gray seem to be acquaintances at first, but we find out that they have a long diabolical history. The film has three very distinct looks: tracing paper drawings for the memories of the characters, cut-out multiplane puppets for the present time scenes, and scale models for the landscape that the film inhabits.

Saturday, October 12, 6:00 p.m.



Puppet's Panopticon or Faustian reflections

Faustus in the traditional itinerant puppet theater for adults in XIXth and XXth century Slovakia
Puppet's Panopticon or Faustian reflections - photo 1
Puppet's Panopticon or Faustian reflections - photo 2
Puppet's Panopticon or Faustian reflections - photo 3

curator Eva Čárska music choice Eva Čárska, Marek Piaček arrangement Eva Čárska, Tom Ciller cooperation Zlatica Anderlová

Doctor Faustus who has signed a contract with devil was widely known thanks to Johann Wolfgang Goethe's drama written in 1808. But for the first time his story was composed earlier by members of itinerant puppeteers. Faustus' story was one of the most popular topics of their performances. The exhibition will present the Slovak puppets of Faustus, Marguerite, Mephistopheles, Wagner, devils, angels, dragons, witches and other fantastic creatures. Exhibition will be accompanied by "Faustian fantasy" by Henryk Wieniawski and music by metal group Cradle of Filth. The audience will also see an animated movie by Jan Švankmajer – "Lesson Faust" and recodings of performances of Anton Anderle's puppet theatre.

every day

Eva Čárska

Eva Čárska
Eva Čárska

Director Bibiana Centre in Bratislava. The author of screenplays and dramas, director. Curator of more than 200 interactive exhibitons. Artistic Director of the Festival "We play for you", which for 10 years is being carried out at the Centre for Bibiana.



Krystyna Żuchowska

Krystyna Żuchowska
Krystyna Żuchowska

Pupeteer. For a half of a century a spokesman and a spiritus movens of puppetry for adults. In early 70s a professor of SATL (Wroclaw), a cooperator in making performances of Wroclaw Puppet Theatre, also an actress of Warsaw Theatres LALKA and Fraszka, a cooperator with TV. Translations: Jacinto Benavente, Alfred Jarry, Lemercier de Neuville. Adaptations: anonim – Rzecz o Alkasynie i Nikolecie, Stanislaw Wyspiański The wedding, Leszek Kołakowski The key to Heaven). A member of the Center of International Puppet Artists Union UNIMA.

Bartek Miernik

Bartek Miernik
Bartek Miernik

Thirty years old man, an editorial secretary of a magazine Teatr. Born in a village in Podkarpacie, studied in Warsaw. A graduate of theatrology in Warsaw Theatre Academy. During his studies, he was a scholar of Minister of Culture (2004/05). He has worked on several theatre festivals. An author of reviews, interviews and essays wrote to Teatr, Scena and ballettanz. An owner of a sponge colour Labrador named Prada, with which he often walks at the river bank. He is interested in dance theatre, puppet theatre, and acts from the borderline of theatre and plastic arts.

Orazaly Akzharkyn-Sarsenbek

Orazaly Akzharkyn-Sarsenbek
Orazaly Akzharkyn-Sarsenbek

Director of the State Puppet Theatre in Almaty

Organizer of the 1st International Festival "World of the Theater"



The prize pool in 2013 is 10 000 zł

Capital City of Warsaw Municipal Office
Impossible Theatre Union
CEO of Impossible Theatre Union

1. For "Expression of a Life by the Puppet" (granted to best actor / actress)
2. For "Expression of a Theater by the Puppet" (granted for creativity)
3. Grand Prix of "Expression of a Theater by the Puppet" (granted for the best festival performance)

Additional awards:

Students' of the Knowledge of Theater of Theatre Academy in Warsaw Award "A Hundred for the Point"
Audience Prize "Blind Invitation" for the next year edition of the Festival
Impossible Theater Union's President "Wonderful moment of animation" prize - Ewald Kornk's Chelion (replica of the sculpture from the Opcje życia by Leszek Kołakowski performance)
Honorary Diploma of Polish Puppeteers Center POLUNIMA